Track results and take action

Generate Reports to track your Survey and Initial Scan results. Take action with suggested responses and use the Action Planning Worksheets to detail and prioritize what you will do next as an organization.

Action Item

Generate a report and note the score for each of the psychosocial factors to identify your top concerns.

Assessment Resource

Action Planning Worksheets

Use these worksheets to help prioritize and plan the details of undertaking the selected actions for each psychosocial factor.


Reading the Initial Scan Results

Make sure you follow these steps before you implement Guarding Minds at Work at your workplace.


How to Read Reports

This document provides a detailed explanation of the four different reports available and how to interpret your scores.


Selection of Suggested Actions

Use this worksheet to identify your organization's top concerns by noting the score in your Survey Results, to help you select suggested actions to undertake.


Applying a Quality Framework

Apply this framework to help you select appropriate actions to undertake for areas in which your organization has identified concerns.


Suggested Responses Documents

These documents outline a range of actions that have demonstrated practical and scientific value for each psychosocial factor.


Guarding Minds at Work